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3 Ways to Avoid a Scary Energy Bill
11 Oct
By: Climate Control

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How can you boost energy efficiency without making a major investment? Here are three ways.

Improving energy efficiency is a goal for many homeowners, but few take the steps necessary to get the job done right. In fact, quite a few go through major renovations while missing out on obvious ways they could lower their energy use without breaking the bank. Still other homeowners just think they really can’t afford to do anything at all.

The good news is there are steps you can take to get your energy costs under control without spending a lot of money. Let’s take a look at three ways now:

1. Upgrade Your HVAC Filter

As the air in your home circulates through your ducts, it eventually passes through the air filter. Most homeowners buy the bargain HVAC filters with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 4. Basic models remove only the largest particles. Smaller bits of debris stay in the air or get clogged in your system. As more dirt builds up, it gets harder for your unit to operate, resulting in more energy use and higher bills.

Changing your filter often will prevent many airflow problems, but upgrading to a filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 10 will protect your system long-term. Only homeowners with specific health problems or businesses with major air quality concerns need to purchase filters with MERV ratings of 13 and above.

2. Use Humidity to Feel Warmer

In the outdoors, humid air makes you feel warmer at the same temperature than you do when less moisture is in the air. Boost your HVAC system’s heating and cooling power using the same principles indoors. Products like the Healthy Climate® humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Lennox make it easy to keep indoor humidity optimal.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance

The most efficient furnaces and air conditioners are those that receive regular check-ups and expert maintenance. The Climate Control Maintenance Plus Program makes it easy to keep your HVAC running optimally year-round. With savings on preventive care and repairs, enrolling is one of the most affordable ways to lower your energy usage long-term.

Contact our team of friendly professionals at Climate Control now to learn more about improving energy efficiency and how to lower your bills without sacrificing comfort.

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3 Indoor Air Quality Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay This Fall
04 Oct
By: Climate Control

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When it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, temperature control is only one aspect of the benefits. Discover how a well-maintained HVAC can help with your fall allergies too.

Heating and air conditioning services should extend beyond keeping your home at the right temperature. The right professional HVAC team will provide the system maintenance, tune-ups, and suggestions necessary to enhance comfort and health for you and your family members through improved indoor air quality. If you find yourself sneezing and scratching your eyes out when the fall season begins, it’s time to take a closer look at what you can do inside your home to get some relief.

Along with finding the best HVAC company to meet your needs, here are three indoor air quality tips you can use to keep fall allergies at bay:

1. Perform an Indoor Air Quality Check

Did you know indoor air pollution can be seven times greater than the smog you deal with outdoors? Cleaning products are major contributors to the problem. However, something as simple as the paint you used for your hallway can pump out harmful gases for years.

Of course, you also can’t forget the problem of outside allergens making their way into your home and exacerbating your allergy symptoms. Allergen and contaminant removal and air filtration devices can go a long way to clean up the air in your home. Sensitive homeowners might consider heavy-duty solutions, like the products available through the Healthy Climate® Solutions from Lennox line.

The first step is to have a professional conduct an indoor air quality audit to find out how much your air quality is suffering.

2. Use Humidity Control to Your Advantage

Residents in South Carolina are no strangers to humidity, but you may not realize how much it can impact your health. Too-moist conditions encourage mildew and mold growth. Both will be an issue for those with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems. Too-dry air is just as problematic. It leaves your sensitive membranes in the nose and throat irritated and more susceptible to infection.

3. Make Sure Your Gas Appliances Have Proper Ventilation

People forget the V in HVAC stands for “ventilation.” A trusted heating and cooling technician can check to make sure your furnace, water heater, stove, dryer and other gas appliances safely vent outdoors. Carbon dioxide leaks at home can cause similar symptoms to allergies, flus and colds, but left unchecked are serious health and safety hazards.

If you are ready to assess your home’s indoor air quality and take the necessary steps to get some relief from fall allergies, our team at Climate Control is ready to help. Connect with us online now to schedule a service call for heating and air conditioning services to improve the quality of the indoor air so you can breathe easier this fall.

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Quick Guide: Lower Your Energy Expenses
13 Sep
By: Climate Control

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Want to lower energy costs? It’s all about increasing energy efficiency.

If your utility bills are a bit too much each month, consider increasing the energy efficiency in your home or office. You’ll be amazed by the money you can save on energy costs over time when you take a few steps to make the most of your heating and cooling system’s energy efficiency. Here’s how:

Obtain an Energy Audit

An energy audit provides a summary of how your home or office uses its energy. The assessment can identify which appliances use more energy than they should, as well as where the home or office is wasting energy. For example, an audit can determine there are air leaks in your windows and doors. The energy audit is helpful because it finds the easy-to-fix areas of your home or office that could provide the biggest improvements to energy efficiency.

Purchase a More Efficient HVAC System

A more efficient HVAC system can potentially provide the most significant improvement when it comes to lowering energy costs. Today’s higher efficiency heating and cooling models can provide double-digit improvements in efficiency. In the long-run, you can make back the cost of the new system in the form of energy bill savings.

Adjust the Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees can result in noticeably lower energy bills. You can also get a similar effect by adjusting the thermostat more than six degrees, but for only part of the day, such as when no one is home or in the office. This is really easy to do with a programmable thermostat. The programmability allows users to customize the temperature, so it is most comfortable when people are home to enjoy it. Want to discover additional methods you can use to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office? It’s time to reach out to our expert team at Climate Control Heating & Air Services today. Connect with us online now to get the help you need to save on energy bills.

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Maintenance Plus: More Than Just an Agreement
23 Aug
By: Climate Control
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Maintenance agreements provide a wide array of benefits to customers.

Maintenance agreements are special contracts where customers pay a fee for an HVAC professional to conduct regular and routine maintenance on the customer’s HVAC system. What makes this agreement so unique? Let us count the ways!

HVAC Longevity

One of the biggest reasons to have a maintenance contract is to ensure regular maintenance takes place. Ideally, this will occur twice a year, before the summer and winter seasons begin. During these maintenance visits, a trained HVAC professional will look over the HVAC system to make sure it's ready to handle the upcoming hot or cold seasons. The technician will also complete routine maintenance tasks, such as oiling bearings, changing air filters and inspecting the wiring.

Special Pricing

Should the HVAC unit need repairs, members of the Maintenance Plus plan will pay a lower cost to have the repairs done than someone who isn't part of the agreement. Depending on the cost of the repairs, the maintenance plan can easily pay for itself with one fix.

Extended Warranty

Climate Control stands by its work and will provide all customers with a warranty on the work completed. However, those with a maintenance contract will get a more extended warranty. In most cases, the warranty lasts up to one year.

Peace of Mind

If you’re busy and don’t have the time to take care of the maintenance of your heating and cooling system, that’s understandable. So it's nice to have someone else who not only does the maintenance, but remembers to do it, too. Having one less thing to worry about or write down in the calendar is not just convenient; it can also bring peace of mind, knowing your heater and air conditioner receives the attention it needs to do its job.

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of maintenance agreements, get in touch with our expert team at Climate Control today.

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