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2 Actionable Ways to Get Your Commercial HVAC Ready for Black Friday Crowds
23 Nov
By: Climate Control

Before the holiday shopping rush, you may want to use commercial services to help keep your customers comfortable while they shop.

If you have a lot of customers at your business location, you probably use commercial services to help your HVAC meet your needs. But before your next HVAC service call, try these actionable ways for ensuring your HVAC system will be ready for the start of the holiday shopping season:

#1: Have a Maintenance Visit

Commercial HVAC systems are more powerful than residential ones. They're able to provide more cooling and heating power that large locations need. But providing that increased performance comes at a cost—namely a higher price and complexity of the HVAC system.

To ensure a reliably functioning HVAC system, you need to conduct routine maintenance. This means having HVAC technicians come out to look at your HVAC's components and make sure everything is not only in good running condition, but will be for the foreseeable future.

The technician will also complete routine maintenance tasks to keep the HVAC unit running smoothly. These tasks include cleaning or replacing the air filter, checking wiring and ensuring the smooth operation of moving parts.

#2: Check the Ductwork

With the high volume of people and large crowds that are ever-present during the black Friday shopping event, your HVAC system will work overtime. But it doesn't matter how efficient and reliable your HVAC unit is if the ductwork doesn't have what it takes to meet the heating needs.

Before the mad rush of shoppers arrive, have your ductwork inspected and conduct any necessary cleaning and repairs. Dirty and foul smelling air is sure to turn off visitors, and any leaks or obstructions in the ductwork will increase your energy costs, eating into your profits.

To discover more ways the commercial services provided by our team at Climate Control can help your HVAC to meet your needs this upcoming holiday season, give us a call today.

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