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2 Awesome Tips About Air Conditioning Repair From Unlikely Sources
17 Jul
By: Climate Control

Two familiar sources in your everyday life offer surprising tips on air conditioning repair.

2 Awesome Tips About Air Conditioning Repair From Unlikely SourcesWant to learn more about air conditioning repair? Just look around you for some hints from these two unexpected sources.

1. Your Hair Stylist

Have you ever gotten a bad haircut from yourself, a family member, or a friend instead of going to professionals? Sure, you might have spent less on that haircut, but you either dealt with a bad haircut for weeks or months or had to spend more money to get it fixed by professionals.

Air conditioning repair is the same way – don’t let just anyone touch your air conditioner. Instead of thinking how you could spend the least amount of money, focus on getting the job done right the first time. Look to a professional with years of experience, the right credentials, and a wealth of satisfied customers for air conditioning repair. An expert can troubleshoot a wide range of complex faults in your cooling equipment like leaking refrigerant, clogged ductwork, and zoning issues.

2. Your Dentist

Just ask your dentist: twice yearly cleanings are less painful and less expensive than a root canal. Not only do they keep your smile bright and healthy, but they’re also covered by dental insurance. Like a root canal, air conditioning repair can be avoided more easily with an affordable yearly preventative maintenance plan.

Here’s how it works. A qualified technician visits your home in the spring to perform annual spring-cleaning on your AC unit. A professional can clean coils, calibrate the thermostat, lubricate motors, and test vital electrical connections. You’ll avoid a failure in the peak of summer, restore your equipment to maximum efficiency, and eliminate the cost of a premature replacement.

Whether you need air conditioning repair now or you’re taking proactive steps to avoid it, call (864) 269-5576. Climate Control offers expert cooling services you can trust.

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