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3 Biggest Air Conditioning Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
14 Aug
By: Climate Control

Watch out for traps in air conditioning repair, and you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

3 Biggest Air Conditioning Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemAir conditioning repair doesn’t need to be inconvenient or costly. A qualified professional can fix your unit correctly the first time with an affordable repair. Avoid these 3 common repair pitfalls to stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

1. The Band-Aid

A quick fix in air conditioning repair is tempting. But a speedy and cheap option often masks a more complex underlying issue. Don’t put a band-aid on a defect that requires stitches. A qualified technician can replace worn components, restore your unit to peak efficiency, and help you avoid a situation where you need weekly repair visits in an effort to keep your system cooling.

2. The Denial

Perhaps you notice your energy bills creeping up, or maybe you’ve noticed a wide range of temperatures across the zones of your house. This is a sign that your air conditioning unit isn’t working at its full efficiency. It could be due to general wear and tear or a malfunctioning part.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your air conditioning is fine just because it’s still running. Besides failing to keep you cool, an inefficient unit wastes energy and money. A quick call to an HVAC expert brings issues to light and allows you to make an informed choice that you are comfortable with. .

3. The Overreaction

If you hear unusual noises from your unit or see that the real temperature in your house doesn’t match the thermostat, don’t throw in the towel. A new unit is not always the answer. Of course, a new installation offers peak performance and the latest cooling technology. But an air conditioning repair on your current system is also a practical option. A properly serviced and maintained unit will help you avoid the cost of an expensive premature replacement.

Climate Control has over 45 years of experience keeping customers cool. Instead of waiting for a complete failure, call (864) 269-5576 for timely air conditioning repair. 

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