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3 Crafty Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs
16 Nov
By: Climate Control

Improving the energy efficiency of your heater isn’t the only way to lower your heating costs.

It can get really expensive to stay warm in the winter time, even with a highly energy-efficient HVAC system. Here are a few tricks you can use to stay warm without breaking the bank on your utility bills.

Bundle Up

You can drop your thermostat a few degrees and still stay warm by bundling up. Wearing socks, a sweater or sweatshirt can allow you to stay comfortable even though the overall temperature inside your home is cooler. And having a few extra blankets on the couch or in the bedroom can provide additional warmth when watching television, sleeping or relaxing.

Adjust Your Water Heater

You may not know it, but your water heater could be currently set to heat your water to 140 degrees. But most people can't stand this temperature when washing the dishes by hand or taking a shower. Because there's little point in having water that hot, save a bit of money by lowering the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees. You won't even notice the difference, except when you see your heating bill.

Use Candles

Candles make great tools for identifying sources of air leaks around doors and windows. If there is an air leak, it will make the candle flicker or move in the direction of the air flow. Once you identify the air leaks and their locations, you can seal them with caulking or weather stripping. Oh, and the candle will provide a little warmth, too!

For more ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home or office, as well as additional clever ways to reduce heating costs, contact our team at Climate Control before the winter chill arrives.

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