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3 Reasons You Should Be Talking about Split HVAC Systems
11 Dec
By: Climate Control

Split HVAC systems have three units that work together to keep you comfortable year-round.

Split HVAC Systems

Split HVAC systems supply your complete comfort needs. Engineered for operation in a range of temperatures split systems are truly ready for the four seasons. Three critical components of split HVAC systems deserve your attention: the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, and the shared air handler.

Let's talk about these three components to better understand how split HVAC systems keep you comfortable from winter to summer.

#1: Stay cool with the outdoor unit of split HVAC systems.

Your outdoor unit in split HVAC systems is the air conditioner. Refrigerant flows between the outdoor compressor and the interior-cooling coil. The refrigerant accepts heat from the inside of your home and rejects it to the outdoors. In effect, you feel cool and comfortable even when it's hot and humid during the summer.

#2: Stay warm with the indoor unit of split HVAC systems.

Your indoor unit in split HVAC systems is a gas-fueled furnace. Cold return air increases in temperature as it passes through the indoor heating unit. The warm air is then supplied through the ductwork within your home. Typically, the indoor unit is located in a basement or in an out-of-the-way location.

#3: Maintain indoor air quality with the shared air handler of split HVAC systems.

An air handler is a box connected to both the outdoor cooling and indoor heating unit. It contains a fan, which blows air out of the ductwork in your home. Eventually, this supplied air will stream through your vents and keep you comfortable. Return air is filtered before it exits the air handler once again. So, the air handler filters out contaminants and helps maintain good indoor air quality.

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