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3 Surprising Effects Humidifiers Have on Forced Air Heating
13 Nov
By: Climate Control

Forced air heating maintains your temperature set point, but humidifiers complete the home comfort puzzle.

Humidifiers and Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating keeps your home warm and toasty in the wintertime. But it’s not the complete comfort solution. Puzzled? That’s because comfort is not just the temperature in your home – it’s also things like the moisture level in your home. Without the right humidity in your air, you could be dealing with a host of uncomfortable realities.

The good news? A humidifier is the perfect addition to your heating system to get the complete comfort solution you’re looking for. 

Here are three reasons humidifiers fit in well with your forced air heating system:

1. Save money. 

Moist air holds heat better than dry air. The energy you spend heating your home in the winter won’t escape quite so easily. This means that your home will feel warmer, so you may even lower the thermostat set point so your forced air heating system works less.

2. Stay healthy. 

Forced air heating can drop the indoor humidity level to 10%. A humidifier bumps the moisture content back up to 30% to 40% optimal for health. Health conditions like colds, sinus problems, asthma, and allergies benefit from an optimal humidity level year-round. 

3. Feel better. 

Skin can start to feel dry and itchy as the humidity drops due to forced air heating. The recycled air starts a vicious cycle of dropping humidity. Children with a cold can have trouble sleeping. The whole family feels more comfortable with higher humidity when the weather keeps you indoors. 

Climate Control has over 45 years of experience solving the temperature and moisture puzzle for our customers. We offer a humidifier to fit any budget. Consider either our single-room or whole-house humidifiers from the Trane and Lennox lines. Check out our current promotions on forced air heating and accessories.

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