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3 Ways to Be Proactive About HVAC Care
24 May
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Have you enrolled in heating and cooling maintenance agreements? Don’t forget your HVAC checks.

Maintenance agreements are the next big thing in home ownership. Swarthy owners don’t spend their weekends poking around drain pans. They buy into an affordable yearly membership that provides for preventive checks and other benefits.

Check out the top three ways people are getting proactive about HVAC care:

1. Maintenance Plus

Climate Control customers have the option of enrolling in a maintenance club called Maintenance Plus. Along with two preventive care visits per year, members receive priority service during an emergency, discounts on repairs, special warranties and no overtime charges for labor.

2. Energy Audits

Worried about wasting energy and paying bloated bills? An energy audit detects areas in your home where waste happens. It could be as simple as a leak around your front window. Using specialized equipment, your technician will pinpoint the problem areas in your home and present possible solutions.

3. Indoor Air Quality Check

Air quality has a big impact on personal comfort and health. Evaluate your indoor air for contaminants, like radon, as well as moisture levels. Too much humidity in your home can lead to the growth of toxic mold. Too little? Your hair, skin, eyes and nasal passages can pay the price.

Maintenance agreements are not a luxury; they are a common sense investment. Isn’t it time to take a proactive approach to your heating and air conditioning system? Schedule your preventive HVAC inspections with our expert team at Climate Control at convenient times and keep track of systems so you know they’ll always take care of you when needed.

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