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4 Easy Steps to Cleaner Indoor Air
08 Oct
By: Climate Control

Indoor air quality can be directly related to your health.

HVAC service technician inspecting IAQ equipment

Indoor air quality is not the same for every home. With the modern world’s cost of living, additional costs such as health care are not something anyone wants to add to the pile. Having cleaner indoor air can help you stay healthier this fall.

Four easy steps to cleaner indoor air are:

1. Open a few windows:

With peak allergy season mostly behind us, mid-fall is the perfect time to open a few windows and let the cooler breeze circulate some fresh air into your home.

2. Clean some clutter:

In combination with the above, have you ever noticed how some homes with a lot of clutter and just stuff piled high tend to have that “stuffy” smell to them? More stuff lying around means more stuff to collect dust mites, particles, and dander/allergens. In short, keeping a tidy home can actually help you accumulate less dust.

3. Vacuum frequently:

Regardless of what kind of carpet you have, shag, short, or even a simple area rug over hardwood floors, sucking up the dust and dirt keeps it from getting in your air passages.

4. Clean your air:

Sometimes it’s as simple as it sounds. An air purifier can remove up to 99.9% of air pollutants.

If you think you may need cleaner air but aren’t sure where to start, consider an indoor air quality check by Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning. We have knowledgeable professionals who want your home’s indoor air quality to be just as clean as you do. Contact us today to help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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