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4 Signs Your HVAC Unit is the Wrong Size
20 Mar
By: Climate Control
Wrong sized unit

If you run a business, you understand the benefits of using professional commercial services to help you get things done. One of the advantages of using HVAC commercial services is that it can help you improve how well the HVAC system works, including determining if your HVAC unit is the correct size for the building. Below is a list of signs that your HVAC unit is the wrong size:

Sign #1: Your HVAC Unit Runs All the Time

If your HVAC unit is always running, it means it's having trouble keeping the inside of a building at the intended temperature. This usually means the HVAC unit is too small.

Sign #2: Your HVAC Unit Is Always Turning On and Shutting Off

If your HVAC unit is turning on and off too often, it might mean it's too large. Because the HVAC unit can get the indoor temperature to the desired setting so quickly, almost as soon as it turns on, it's turning off.

While this may be a good thing in theory, it's not always a good thing in reality. When an HVAC system starts and stops too often, it suffers from more wear and tear and is also less energy efficient. This is similar to a car getting more miles per gallon on a highway, where it can maintain a steady speed, than in city traffic, where it's constantly starting and stopping.

Sign #3: Your HVAC Unit Needs Lots of Repairs

Assuming your HVAC unit is otherwise working properly, if it needs repairs or maintenance tasks more often than expected, it may mean the system is suffering from more wear and tear than normal. This can occur if the system is running way too often, or turning on and off too frequently.

Sign #4: Your Indoor Air is Too Humid

One of the benefits of running an air conditioner is removing the humidity from the air. If an HVAC is too big, the air conditioner won't run for very long before it reaches the desired temperature. One of the drawbacks of this, besides constant turning on and off of the HVAC, is that the air conditioner won't get an opportunity to move enough air to dehumidify it properly.

Now that you see how an incorrectly sized HVAC unit can be detrimental to your business, contact us as soon as possible to see if our commercial services can improve your HVAC performance.

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