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4 Things that Most Homeowners Overlook during HVAC Maintenance
29 Oct
By: Climate Control

Maintenance agreements can help you keep on top of what you may overlook.

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Every homeowner wants their HVAC systems to run as efficiently as possible for as long as possible and maintenance agreements can make this happen. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you are a “do it yourselfer” when it comes to a lot of at-home maintenance projects. After all, just about anyone can change an air filter, right? However, when it comes to your HVAC systems, it is important to remember that doing it all yourself can often lead to things getting overlooked.

4 of the most commonly overlooked things in HVAC maintenance by homeowners are:

1. Lubrication:

Your HVAC systems have moving parts and without the proper amount of lubrication, they wear out much quicker than they should.

2. Electrical Inspections:

In order to keep your HVAC system running as efficiently and as safely as possible, system components and electrical connections need to be inspected to make sure none are damaged, loose, or even disconnected.

3. Condensate Drain:

Your HVAC system as a drain for collected condensation. If it has build-up, the result could be water damage or high humidity levels that can lead to mold problems.

4. System Start-up and Shutdown:

Your HVAC system runs on cycles that are normally based on thermostat settings. It is important to make sure your system is cycling as it should.

In short, overlooked maintenance to HVAC systems can result in costly repairs and big problems! But before you get overwhelmed, keep in mind that this sort of thing is exactly what a maintenance agreement is for. Let us help you avoid problems and stop worrying about what you don’t have to. Click to contact Climate Control today about our maintenance agreements.

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