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Benefits of Turning down the Temperature at Night
06 Dec
By: Climate Control

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The truth about temperature setback and getting more from your heating and air conditioning system.

Have you heard of temperature setback (turning the temperature down) and temperature setup (turning the temperature up) for your heating and air conditioning system? This winter you might want to look at temperature setback at night. Here are the benefits of turning the heat down while your family is getting some shut-eye:

Better Sleep

The tendency might be to set your thermostat to a nice cozy temperature and then hop into bed when the house is warm. The experts will tell you, however, that you will sleep better in a cooler house. The best temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Our bodies tend to cool off gradually as we sleep. If your home is too warm, it can disrupt your sleep patterns. Cooling it off allows for deeper and more restorative sleep.

Your Plants Will Thrive

When we heat our houses in the winter, the result is drier air. Not only does the dry air affect our skin and the way we feel, but it can also affect your plants. When the air is cooler at night, they’ll need less water and will be heartier as you head through the winter season.

Save Money

For every degree you setback your thermostat temperature, you can potentially save 1% on your heating bill. This doesn’t mean you should turn your heat all the way down, but turning it down to between 60 and 67 degrees can save you a bundle over time. Not only that, you’ll have a more energy efficient house, reducing your use of electricity and/or fossil fuels.

For more info on how you can save money and sleep better with the help of your heating and air conditioning system, connect with our expert team at Climate Control online now.

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