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Can Air Filters Really Keep My Family Healthier This Winter?
08 Jan
By: Climate Control

Learn how the indoor air quality can affect your health.

Replacing Home Air Filters

Indoor air quality is something every homeowner considers at least once, especially if a family resides in the home. How do you know if you need to dive into researching the air filtration system in your own home? One good "Achoo" can be reason enough. When looking into picking the right indoor air filter option for your home it is important to consider a couple of things:

1. Allergies

Less than one third of people are allergic to only one substance and most allergies are airborne. The most common allergy inducing airborne substances are dust mite proteins. These proteins are found in pillows, mattresses, and upholstered furniture and are easily disturbed and mixed in the air you breathe.

2. Where you live

City dwellers need to consider things like vehicle emissions, smog, and factory output. Country dwellers need to consider things like pollen and harvest time emissions. Either place can harbor enormous amounts of dust, dirt, and small particles of various substances regardless of the season.

A good quality indoor air filter can remove up to 90% of indoor air pollutants. Finding the right kind of indoor air quality for your home and specific home needs can be a challenge. The first step is finding the right place to look. Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning is a professional, friendly, knowledgeable source not only for information but for affordable options.

Your path to a healthier, breathe-easier home is a phone call away at 864-269-5576. Or click to fill out our simple online form to get more information about improving your indoor air quality.

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