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Checking Off the List: Maintaining Your AC Unit
21 Aug
By: Climate Control

Your AC unit deserves not only a place on your list, but a list of its own.

Checking Off the List: Maintaining Your AC UnitAn AC unit is easy to take for granted. You’re accustomed to keeping cool and comfortable even when the forecasters call for record highs. With plenty on your list from work to housekeeping to events with friends and family, don’t forget to invest a moment on your cooling system. With regular maintenance, you can make that investment without adding a bunch of work to your to-do list.

When you get regular maintenance from Climate Control, a qualified technician will ensure that each component is checked and maintained correctly. The external AC unit visible on the side of your home is actually part of a complex system. All the pieces fit together like a puzzle to support central air conditioning that reaches every zone.

When a technician from Climate Control visits to perform maintenance on your AC unit, nothing will be left off the list. Here’s a sampling of our common steps:

• Inspect all mechanical components, including the blower compartment, compressor, and condenser coil for damage.
• Lubricate mechanical bearings.
• Balance the fan and adjust the fan belt.
• Monitor the airflow from the fan and throughout the supply ductwork.
• Correct any zoning issues, clogged ductwork, and blocked vents.
• Replace or clean the air filters.
• Check electrical connections for proper connectivity.
• Calibrate and program the thermostat with an efficient cooling cycle.
• Provide an air quality and energy audit report.

After the checklist is complete, Climate Control will explain issues with your current AC unit and offer recommendations that meet your budget. Contact us today to learn more about joining our Maintenance Plus Program.

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