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Invest in a Commercial Maintenance Plan to Protect Your Business’s HVAC Systems
24 Apr
By: Climate Control

Take a cue from your dentist, internist, hairstylist, and cruise line by pre-booking a tune-up for the HVAC systems of your business

Invest in a Commercial Maintenance Plan to Protect Your Business’s HVAC SystemsHow much would it cost your business if your air conditioning went out in the middle of July? What if your heating froze up the week before Christmas? Wouldn't it be a lot better if you could schedule any HVAC maintenance outside of operating hours, or before the customer rush? You can – by being proactive and investing in a commercial HVAC maintenance plan.

Why? Here are just three reasons:

1. A commercial maintenance plan will save you time. You can schedule an appointment far in advance, for the time most opportune for you, eliminating the hassle of scheduling a repair call after a breakdown. At Climate Control, we’re here when you need us. We complete the job correctly the first time and work on all system types and all system brands. One call to us, and you’re done.

2. It will also save you money. For any business, efficiency is a number one priority. Unmaintained HVAC systems on a large scale, however, often become inefficient and can cost you huge amounts of money. A plan with Climate Control offers a more competitive rate than a one-time or emergency visit. Regular maintenance also prolongs the life of your system, allowing you to invest capital in other areas like expansion, growth, and new ventures.

3. It can also help uphold your reputation. Commercial spaces have unique demands that residential spaces do not. Climate Control understands the permits and codes to keep your HVAC systems compliant. Reliable temperature control can also protect valuable inventory, promote a positive customer experience, and maintain employee comfort – all of which contribute to the success of your business.

So what are you waiting for? The Climate Control plan includes thermostat calibration, filter replacement, fan balancing, coil cleaning, cycle testing, and critical control point monitoring. We collect data on your system and address any discrepancies. Call (864) 269-5576 to get started this season with a commercial maintenance plan for your HVAC systems.

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