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Does Running My Furnace Affect the Quality of Air Inside My Home?
03 Dec
By: Climate Control

Your furnace may be killing your home’s indoor air quality.

HVAC service technician changing furnace air filter

Once you seal your house up tight against the chill of winter, you may take more notice of your home’s indoor air quality. Without the usual influx of fresh outdoor air, any hidden air quality issues will suddenly surface.

Here are the three ways your furnace could be negatively impacting you this winter:

You Have an Old Air Filter

Your air filter is key to removing all sorts of unpleasant particulates and microbials, preventing them from being continuously re-circulated throughout your home. If your filter has been languishing for over three months, then you have a problem. Once a filter has reached max capacity, pet dander, pollens, dust and a host of other irritants flow unimpeded through your system. Not only does this negatively impact your air quality, it also puts a strain on your furnace. Moral of the story: change your filter regularly.

You Could Have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Leak

If your furnace uses natural gas, propane, or oil as its fuel source, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A by-product of burning fuel, CO has been dubbed the silent killer. Odorless and tasteless, it requires special detectors to monitor for its presence. If you have an aging furnace, improper ventilation, or a flickering yellow burner flame, get it checked immediately. Your family’s safety could be at risk.

Your Furnace is Turning Your Home into a Desert

Some furnaces, especially older ones, fail to keep a decent amount of moisture in the air of your home. If your home feels stuffy, you have a racking cough, dry skin, or you get frequent static shocks, your furnace could be the culprit. Consult a professional about ways to improve your system’s humidity controls.

If you live in or around upstate South Carolina, then give our team here at Climate Control a call. We’ll do a thorough evaluation, and help you identify ways to optimize your furnace’s function. Contact us online or call us today at 864-269-5576, and we’ll send one of our indoor air quality specialists to your home immediately.

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