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What Will I Need for Effective Air Cleaning in My Commercial Building?
21 Apr
By: Climate Control
Commercial HVAC services technician replacing air filter

If your building or rental property is suffering from poor indoor air quality, you need to hire a quality commercial services team ASAP. However, if this is your first time working with an air quality professional, you might not know what to look for.

Don’t worry! We’ve broken down the bare essentials for internal air quality improvement in most commercial buildings. However, please understand if your building is used for atypical or industrial purposes, you may need a system with more advanced components. We’ll touch on those (briefly) in the second section.

The Commercial Services Basics: Clean and Safe Indoor Air

In general, you can have commercial air cleaners installed directly into your ventilation system, ensuring all air cycled through it is cleaned and purified. These systems remove mold, dust, pollen, kitchen exhaust fumes, smoke, and a variety of other allergens and nastiness. Just ensure filtration is checked and changed according to schedule.

Next Level: Industrial Indoor Air Cleaners

Welding fumes? Metal particulates from grinding and shaping? Wood dust from sanding and scraping? Coolant or other chemical fumes? Not a problem. There are a variety of specialty industrial air cleaners designed to fit the bill. Consult a professional to determine the right one for your space.

Miscellaneous Air Filtration Needs

Whether you’re dealing with gaseous contaminants or hospital-grade air filtration needs, there’s a system or unit combination out there for you. Sometimes multiple systems and redundancies are required; other times charcoal and carbon capture is the only safe filtration option. Whatever the case, you’re covered.

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