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3 Ways to Ensure Your Commercial HVAC Won’t Quit this Season
21 Jun
By: Climate Control
Technician changing an air filter

If you run a business, you understand the reason you rely on commercial services. You want to ensure your commercial HVAC system works reliably and effectively at all times. But what are some steps you can take to keep your HVAC system running as it should all season?

#1: Conduct Regular Maintenance

Finding problems before they occur, or preventing problems from even becoming an issue, is the best way to make sure your commercial HVAC system will work as it should. With so many moving parts and advanced electronics, over time, even the best and most reliable HVAC unit will fail or suffer a drop in performance. By checking on your heating and cooling system at least once per year (twice per year is ideal), you can find minor problems before they become significant, or undergo preventative maintenance to stop problems from ever occurring.

For example, you should check your refrigerant levels every spring to ensure your air conditioner will have the means to cool the air properly and keep you comfortable. Without enough refrigerant, your air conditioner may seem to "work," but the air it produces isn't as cool as it should be. This can result in running your air conditioner harder and longer, which can contribute to premature failure of the components.

#2: Check the Air Conditioner Condenser Unit for Debris

The air conditioner's condenser unit must deal with the elements. This means dirt, dust, leaves, sticks, animals and bugs all have an opportunity to work their way into the fast-moving parts inside the condenser. Before starting your air conditioner this spring or summer, do a quick check to see if anything unusual is inside the condenser. You can do this by simply looking; never open the unit up yourself. Sometimes leaves or sticks will be visible in the fan area and easy to remove. These can cause problems if the air conditioner starts with the debris still inside the condenser.

#3: Check Electrical Wiring

Using only your eyes, examine the wiring around any of the major HVAC equipment components, such as the condenser or air handler. Make sure you don't see any exposed or bare metal wires. If you do, do not try to fix it yourself! Call an HVAC professional to assess what might be wrong and make the necessary repairs.

Many of the available commercial services include preventative maintenance and other services that will ensure your HVAC system works reliably for the upcoming season. To schedule a maintenance visit or ask any questions you may have, contact our commercial services experts at Climate Control today.

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