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Guide to Maintenance Agreements for New Homeowners
29 Nov
By: Climate Control

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Maintenance agreements improve your comfort while keeping bills low.

Part of the beauty of maintenance agreements is that they automate some of your seasonal tasks. They’re a wonderful cost-saving feature, as they reduce the amount of energy you use, ensure your equipment lasts longer and provides special savings whenever you need repairs.

What Does Maintenance Plus Include?

The maintenance plan at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning provides traditional services for an affordable yearly fee. These include:

  • Heating equipment inspection in fall
  • Air conditioning equipment inspection in spring
  • Emergency service availability
  • Priority service calls
  • No overtime fees
  • One-year warranties on repairs
  • Extended warranties on certain products
  • 15 percent repair discount

What Do Inspection Calls Include?

Inspection visits include preventive maintenance. These tasks help HVAC systems run smoothly while using less energy to keep your home comfortable. During the visit, a qualified technician will look for any excessive wear or signs of damage. Your tech might recommend repairs or upgrades, but they are not required. At Climate Control, we never provide or bill for services without clearing the work with you first.

An inspection also includes cleaning, tightening, testing, and oiling components, and otherwise readying your unit for heavy-duty use. As part of this process, the technician might change your HVAC filter, however, this is a regular maintenance task you should perform once a month or every three months, as directed by the manufacturer.

An inspection is a perfect time to ask a technician to show you how to change your filter or to recommend upgraded products. For example, basic filters are the least expensive, but they’re also the least effective. Your technician can recommend the right filter for your system with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 7 or higher to extend the life of your HVAC.

Enroll in one of our maintenance agreements today to maximize your heating and cooling. Connect with one of our team members at Climate Control now.

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