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Have an HVAC Unit? Then You Need a Maintenance Plan. Here's Why.
09 Oct
By: Climate Control

Reliable cars and HVAC units have something in common: their owners know the importance of maintenance.

Reliable Heating and Air ConditioningMany car owners learn lessons that will also go to serve them as homeowners with HVAC units. Did you neglect your tire pressure? You may end up with a flat on the side of the road during rush hour. Did you forget to renew your license plates? You could be spotted by a police officer who hands you ticket. Perhaps some of the worst consequences come from overlooking the wear and tear on your vehicle until your next oil change. You could be left to deal with some pricey aftermath.

Now, shifting to the HVAC units of your home, we can see that they need periodic maintenance just like a car. Maintenance keeps your HVAC unit running efficiently, prevents the need for premature replacement, and reduces the risk of uncomfortable breakdowns during extreme temperatures.

Preventative maintenance on your HVAC units includes:

• Cleaning and replacing the air filters.
• Checking the refrigerant pressure and heat exchanger.
• Balancing the fan.
• Lubricating the motors and mechanical moving parts.
• Ensuring electrical component connectivity and addressing wiring wear.
• Emptying the drain lines.
• Cleaning your pilot and burner assembly.
• Calibrating and programming the thermostat.
• Monitoring air flow and diagnosing blockages.
• Testing for dangerous carbon monoxide or gas emissions.

Preventative maintenance on your HVAC units saves you money. 

Not only will your HVAC units run more efficiently for lower monthly utility costs, but you also will avoid the need for premature replacement. In addition, Climate Control offers a 15% discount on any parts that are needed for repairs identified during twice yearly preventative maintenance visits.

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