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How Can I Figure Out The Reason for Our High Home Energy Costs?
08 Dec
By: Climate Control
Air ducts

There are countless ways we unknowingly work against achieving energy efficiency around the house. Although there might be small cases here and there, it all adds up to a significant number at the end of the month. If your home energy costs are much higher than you think they should be, you can conduct an investigation to locate the source of the waste. You’re free to try to identify the issues keeping your house from being more efficient; however, a professional can paint a more accurate picture of what you should focus on changing or improving. Trying to Be Energy Efficient on Your Own? There are countless ways you can save on energy costs, but to start cutting back on waste, you'll need to locate the issues. Here are some steps you can take if you're planning to conduct a home energy audit:

  • Check around your home's interior for places where air can leak in or out. These include the edges of your flooring or where your ceiling connects to the walls. Windows can also be a problem area, so be sure to check them for drafts.

  • Look for leaks on the house's exterior, especially in places where cables and wiring enter the home. The sealing around them can wear out over time and may need replacement.

  • Make sure your ducts are properly sealed, and ensure any hatch leading to your attic is well insulated. Ensure sufficient insulation in the walls as well, or you run the risk of losing a great deal of heat (or cool air in the summer) through them.

To Accurately Identify Your Energy Losses and Get More Efficient, Turn to Climate Control

A home energy audit by a professional is the best way to reduce your unnecessary energy use and save on your monthly bills. Your home and entire HVAC system will be analyzed, and you will receive a detailed breakdown of how you can cut back on energy costs. You can also learn how to make the most of your system in the future, which only adds to the potential savings. For more information about how Climate Control can help your home reach maximum energy efficiency, get in touch with our team today to schedule your home energy audit. The sooner you get your house and system evaluated, the sooner you can start saving big on your monthly utility bills.

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