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How Can a Dehumidifier Help Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth in My Home?
28 May
By: Climate Control

Learn how a dehumidifier can help you to achieve the best indoor air quality.

Limiting mold and mildew growth

In our great state of South Carolina, achieving the perfect indoor air quality can be tricky due to all the moisture in the air. A dehumidifier can be your best friend when it comes to preventing mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are some of the worst home invaders. These unsightly substances can be harmful to your health and could be damaging to your home.

Once these fungi set up in your home, the enzymes they produce decompose and digest organic matter then begin producing and releasing spores into the air. You can prevent and even stop invading mold and mildew in its tracks by simply using a dehumidifier. A few ways a dehumidifier helps are:

  • Moisture Reduction: Mold and mildew are born, live, and thrive in moisture. Decreasing the moisture levels in your home’s air is at the top of the list when it comes to mold and mildew prevention. A dehumidifier is how to achieve optimum moisture control.
  • Air Movement: By circulating and moving air around, especially filtered air, you keep your home ventilated, which helps keep mold-prone areas dry. A dehumidifier takes in air, removes the moisture, and then “breathes” it back into your home’s atmosphere. If you have areas of your home that become a little more moist than others, try running some fans when you first begin using your dehumidifier or in addition to your dehumidifier.

If you need some mold and mildew prevention to boost your home’s indoor air quality, contact the helpful pros at Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning today at 864-269-5576.

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