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How Can I Control Energy Costs?
12 May
By: Climate Control
HVAC service technician assessing energy costs

Who wouldn’t want to improve their home’s energy efficiency and save themselves money every month? It’s kind of a silly question, and yet many people let their money fly right out the door unnecessarily.

Looking for Ways to Cut Energy Consumption and Save Money?

Here are a few tips on ways to maximize your home’s heating and cooling systems; the two biggest contributors to every home’s total energy bill!

  • Make sure your system is properly sized for home’s square footage
  • Clean leaves and other debris away from the outside of the unit
  • Install your air conditioner in a shaded space
  • Clean air filters regularly to ensure your system has proper airflow
  • Don’t cool or heat unused areas, and don’t keep it cranked up when you’re not at home, or away on vacation
  • Install ceiling fans to help circulate air throughout your space
  • Keep furniture, toys, or other objects from the blocking the registers
  • If replacing your air conditioner or furnace, looks for options with high energy efficiency ratings, and designed for operation in your climate zone
  • Install a smart thermostat to manage home comfort and track usage

Is It Time to Take More Drastic Energy Control Measures?

Think about getting a whole-home energy audit. It can help identify drafty areas, uninsulated walls, leaky ducts, and a variety of other problems that add up to big energy wastage over time.

Ready to Get Started on Your Home’s Energy Audit?

Our team of heating and air conditioning experts at Climate Control is standing by ready to help you identify all the areas where you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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