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How Do I Go Green and Lower My Electric Bill?
15 Jan
By: Climate Control

The time has come to save the planet and your wallet by taking advantage of green energy.

Showing ways to lower utility bills

Utilizing green energy and greener home habits can truly lower your electric bill. How, you ask? It is actually simpler than one might think. The most basic steps are things that you can incorporate into your everyday routine, such as:

  • Unplug
  • When not using an electronic or appliance, unplug it.

  • Insulate
  • A good percentage of your home's electric usage goes to heating or cooling it. Plugging up your "bought" air to keep it in and preventing outside air from creeping in is crucial to cutting usage, which cuts on costs.

  • Turn
  • By turning your heating system or cooling system up or down by just a few degrees can really add up. Putting on an extra blanket at night can take off a few dollars on your next bill.

Some even better steps toward making a big impact on your wallet and earth-friendly energy habits include:

  • Sun-salutations
  • Install solar panels to your home to obtain either all of your home's energy or just partial.

  • Journey to the center of the Earth
  • Well, not really, but geothermal energy comes up from the core providing a powerful supplement for heating and cooling. No hot spring or special location needed for this. From South Carolina to South America, geothermal energy is available.

When considering 40% of your home's energy comes from your HVAC system, the best way to save on electricity bills would be to utilize green energy for your heating and cooling needs.

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