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How HVAC Maintenance Plans Keep HVAC Repair at Bay
17 Apr
By: Climate Control

Delaying HVAC repair is like watching a crack spread across your windshield.

How HVAC Maintenance Plans Keep HVAC Repair at BayYou would think that your HVAC system would be nothing like your car’s windshield, right? But they may have more in common than you realize. How? Because both can suffer from small problems that, without quick repair, can balloon into something much larger. See if you can see the parallels as we trace through the effects of two small problems: a rock hitting your windshield and normal wear and tear causing a small problem with your HVAC system.

Things aren’t too bad now. The rock leaves a tiny crack in your windshield, and your HVAC system is still running. But the longer you leave that crack unattended, the more it spreads across your windshield. Meanwhile, your HVAC continues to run, exacerbating the original small problem until it has to work harder or cannot properly cool your air. But you continue to wait, so the spreading cracks in your windshield start impairing your vision while driving, while your HVAC system starts seriously struggling to do its job, sending your temperatures or your utility bills soaring. If you don’t do something, eventually your windshield or your HVAC system will completely break, demanding full replacement. Can you afford that?

The thing is, none of this is necessary. Getting a timely repair can stop damage in its track and keep your repair bills small. By taking your cracked windshield to a glass repair shop while it’s still a small crack, they can keep it from spreading.

HVAC repair is not quite so straightforward – for most of us, who aren’t HVAC technicians, the signs that something’s up with our system are subtle. So how do you catch problems with your HVAC system while they’re still small?

The answer is an HVAC maintenance plan, which involves two visits a year from an HVAC technician to inspect your HVAC system and make sure everything’s working like it’s supposed to. Like a good glass shop, a qualified HVAC repair technician addresses small problems in your heating and cooling system before they require a new unit. Preventative HVAC repairs are worth it. Most consumers prefer a less expensive price and no disruption in service. An HVAC maintenance plan achieves both of these goals.

A biannual visit ensures your system is ready for the season. In spring, we check your cooling. In fall, we check your heating. Your check-up includes not only heating and cooling maintenance, but also safety assurance from carbon monoxide and electric hazards.

In addition, we offer other benefits to our maintenance plan members. As a member, you have VIP customer status, so your home is given priority for service appointments and discounts on repairs.

Avoid the busy season; keep comfortable year round. Prevent small problems inexpensive to fix from becoming big problems requiring a new unit. Invest in an HVAC maintenance plan with Climate Control.

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