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How Long Can I Expect My HVAC System to Last?
26 Mar
By: Climate Control

Here’s how a professional maintenance agreement will extend the life of your HVAC.


When it comes to the lifespan of your HVAC system, the more regular the maintenance, the longer you can expect it to work optimally, which is why checkups through a maintenance agreement are so vital.

The best times to check your systems:

  • Air conditioning systems should be checked in the spring.
  • Heating system or furnace should be checked in the fall.

The right maintenance agreement will ensure these check-ups are made in a timely fashion, so you can have peace of mind, a well-working HVAC, and a comfortable home or business.

Manufactures usually predict a properly maintained and well cared for HVAC system can last 20 years or longer. Those without proper maintenance can expect significantly less time for their systems to last. In fact, ten years (or more!) can be taken away from your HVAC system’s life if it isn’t serviced regularly.

When you do experience a breakdown or problem, it may be tempting to utilize a band-aid fix for your system, so you can go on with your life as quickly as possible. However, quick fixes almost always result in more money spent down the road.

If your system has little hiccups, but still runs, you can be sure it isn’t going to last as long as you’re hoping no matter how minor the issue seems to be. Each part of your HVAC system works with other parts to run smoothly and efficiently, so your safest bet for a long life for your system is to keep it well maintained through a maintenance agreement.

Whether you need an updated HVAC system for better energy usage and cost or simply want to keep your current HVAC system working as well as possible, a maintenance agreement from Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning can keep your system running at peak performance for a long, healthy life. Contact our professional team today and learn about our cost-effective maintenance agreements.

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