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How Long Can You Go Without Air Conditioning Repair?
05 Jun
By: Climate Control

The important question is not how long can you go but how long should you go without air conditioning repair.

How Long Can You Go Without Air Conditioning Repair? Regular maintenance eliminates expensive air conditioning repair during the life expectancy of your system. Extend a manufacturer’s quoted life expectancy by regularly servicing your equipment. An additional five years before the typical 12 to 15 years is possible.

Immediately, steamy temperatures and a faulty system unable to maintain temperature keep you from delaying air conditioning repair. Higher energy costs and a gradually less efficient system will soon leave you sweaty, uncomfortable, and unhappy.

Inability to maintain set point serves as a red alert. A slowly declining system provides a yellow alert. Respond to the call for HVAC repair on a yellow alert.

During a red alert, a quick fix air conditioning repair tempts you. You may replace a single piece of your system to delay the purchase of an entire unit – who wouldn’t take that deal? But there’s a good reason you should avoid this temptation. First, you paid for a service call and single equipment component, but merely delayed an inevitable breakdown. Second, the next summer may warrant another service call and more costs to you. Third, fixing individual components of your system gets expensive. The parts of the whole do not operate in efficient harmony.

Scheduling a yearly maintenance visit keeps you in the green. At this status, air conditioning repair is not necessary. Your system operates at peak efficiency. Ideally, a technician visits to service your equipment in the spring before high temperatures and peak demand.

What happens during an annual check-up? The technician addresses small items early and cheaply. He helps you avoid big problems in the future. He tests refrigerant levels, electrical controls, and thermostat calibration. He performs a spring cleaning of the coils, lubricates motors of fans, and replaces filters.

Contact Climate Control to schedule a spring service appointment and eliminate air conditioning repair costs.

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