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How Programmable Thermostats Bring Down the Cost of Air Conditioning
12 Jun
By: Climate Control

Programming your thermostat is like using coupons on your air conditioning.

How Programmable Thermostats Bring Down the Cost of Air Conditioning Clipping coupons saves us money on groceries and personal care items, but you can’t cut coupons from the Saturday paper for air conditioning. How can you still cut energy costs? The utility company does accept a lower electric meter. Use a programmable thermostat to lower your energy expenditure on air conditioning each day of the summer.

In general, programmable thermostats allow the homeowner to set up a temperature cycling program. The user inputs a series of temperature settings that change throughout the day at specific times. Temperatures closer to the outside temperature are chosen to reduce energy costs.

Cool your home when it matters most. While home in the heat of the day, program your thermostat to a balmy temperature. Recommended energy settings are 78 degrees when you occupy your home, 85 when not home, and 82 when sleeping. Each degree of adjustment saves you at least 1% in energy costs. The example settings achieve 4 - 7% energy savings.

Eliminate human error. A morning of packing lunches while brewing coffee or an evening of bathing children while washing the dinner plates keeps us busy. Our intent to increase the temperature set point in an empty or sleeping house is admirable, but easy to forget. A programmed air conditioning system automatically adjusts the setting.

Climate Control offers programmable thermostats appropriate for your existing system and many options for new systems. Check out our current promotions and other ways to lower your air conditioning costs.

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