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How to Lengthen the Life of Your Air Conditioner by Doing Less
28 Aug
By: Climate Control

Less is more for the longevity of your air conditioner; schedule just one preventative maintenance visit a year.

How to Lengthen the Life of Your Air Conditioner by Doing Less If you start each summer nervous about the lifespan of air conditioner, it’s time for preventative maintenance to ease your mind. The beginning of summer should be time to relax, enjoy time with your kids during summer break, lie in a hammock, and take a family vacation. Schedule a spring preventative maintenance visit for your air conditioner. It’s a one-time appointment that gives you more time to enjoy the summer.

Avoid the hassle of an air conditioner repair or replacement. During the peak of summer, an air conditioner failure is both uncomfortable and urgent. Forget about a steady stream of quick fixes or trying to secure a place in line with a busy HVAC company. Instead, sign up for a preventative maintenance plan with a trusted company.

Below is a list of preventative maintenance benefits for your air conditioner:

• Priority service if you ever need the HVAC company between yearly visits.
• 100% labor coverage.
• Discounts on parts to correct any damage or wear.
• Consistency from a company familiar with your space and committed to the longevity of your existing unit.
• Early repairs prior to a complete failure or expensive premature replacement.
• Peak efficiency that saves you money on energy bills all summer long.

The list of happy and comfortable customers on Climate Control’s preventative maintenance plan is growing. Our home and business owners love the ease signing up for an affordable plan. You’ll get a call from our friendly staff to set up your annual visit, and you’ll see a certified technician for a single appointment every spring. Contact us today to achieve the longest life possible from your air conditioner.

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