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How to Make Solar Energy a Reality in Your Home
11 Sep
By: Climate Control

Solar energy is a win-win for your home, as it reduces your energy costs and your carbon footprint. 

Solar EnergySolar energy isn’t just for the most ardent environmental activists. It is a viable option for anyone, especially residents of sunny South Carolina. There isn’t much required to start making the sun’s rays save you money on your energy bills. The essential components of a solar system are the panels and the racking used to secure the panels to your roof. 

Simply put, solar energy is both smart and economical. Going solar is a great path no matter if your primary goal is reaping environmental benefits, lower energy costs, or tax breaks.

Here is a quick peek at the latest solar technologies used to harness the power of the sun:

Solar Electric

Solar electric power collects energy from the sun through photovoltaic panels. These panels then convert that light energy into electric energy, through inverters that facilitate this change into energy you can use.

Since sunlight is so abundant in South Carolina, it’s easy to get a large part or even all of your energy needs from the sun’s light alone. And solar panels installed by Climate Control make it easy to use this readily available source of free energy to lower your monthly utility bills.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy uses the sun’s energy to provide your hot water supply. Free energy from the sun heats the water used throughout your home for cleaning and bathing. Solar thermal energy will deliver a reduction in the energy used in your traditional storage or tankless hot water system, in turn saving you money every month.

Solar technology is constantly evolving, but it’s easy to stay ahead of the game. You can always count on Climate Control to stay up to date for you. We have answers on solar energy products, installation, maintenance, and repair. Due to the straightforward design of solar solutions, there aren’t a ton of parts to maintain. With only minimal maintenance, you can have a durable outlet to clean and free energy for years to come.

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