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How to Stay Cozy While Saving Energy
13 Dec
By: Climate Control


How’s your energy efficiency this winter?

Can you increase your energy efficiency without giving up comfort? The answer is a resounding yes. Here’s how to stay cozy while saving energy this winter:

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you’re still using an old thermostat, even one that’s programmable, you’re missing out on all of the energy-saving options a smart thermostat offers. You can set it to change the temperature in any number of ways to fit the needs and lifestyle of your family.

Warm it up when you’re expecting to be home, cool it off when you’re not. Turn it down at night back up in the morning—all without having to do any manual setting. And you can even change the temperature when you’re not home via Wi-Fi and an app on your phone. All of these options will help to keep your home cozy without spending extra on heating.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Many homeowners have no idea where they’re losing energy they shouldn’t be losing. When you’re trying to use less energy and save money, the last thing you want is heat escaping in tricky ways. An energy audit will evaluate your home’s energy use, where you can make changes and improvements, where cold might be getting in and heat might be getting out, and how you can fix any problems. This can include insulating windows, repairs to your foundation, roof, or framework, and potential appliance and heating and cooling upgrades that can save money and energy over time.

If you want to stay cozy this winter while also saving money, reach out to our team at Climate Control for more ideas on keeping an eye on energy efficiency.

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