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How Your Air Ducts Affect Your Energy Costs
13 Mar
By: Climate Control
Air Ducts

Improving the energy efficiency of your HVAC system is always a welcome home improvement project. But did you know that your system’s ductwork plays a major part in how well the HVAC system works?

Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Depending on the condition of your air ducts, cleaning them may not provide noticeable improvements in efficiency. Only if your ductwork is really dirty and has significant obstructions will cleaning them produce any energy efficiency improvements.

Design of Ductwork

Depending on the layout of your home and its HVAC system, there are specific ductwork designs that will produce better efficiency, such as flexible ducts that allow for smooth bends and less turbulent airflow within the system.

Using the Right Duct Materials Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Many buildings and homes use sheet metal as a ductwork material. This is popular because it's easy to cut, shape and fit into the necessary spaces inside a building. But it's not always the most efficient because it's not insulated. Many duct materials today have built-in insulation to keep the air as cool or warm as possible before it reaches its intended destination.

Location of Ductwork

Even with insulated ducts, placing them within the building's primary insulation layer will further provide improved HVAC performance. For example, if the ductwork routes into the attic, the air conditioner won't work as efficiently in the summer. That's because the cooled air must travel through a very hot area of the home before it reaches its destination.

Equal Return and Supply Airflow

If the HVAC system doesn’t have the same amount of airflow on both the supply and return portions of the system, the air handler won’t work as efficiently. This is because the air handler will have to work harder than it should.

If you’d like to learn more about how air ducts affect your HVAC unit’s energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to contact the HVAC professionals at Climate Control today.

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