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HVAC Tips to Help Employees Stay Healthier This Winter
22 Nov
By: Climate Control

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How can commercial services keep your staff hard at work? Check out these tips from the pros.

The best HVAC commercial services help businesses stay comfortable and productive throughout the year. They come in especially handy during the winter season. By focusing on additional services like air quality and humidity control, you can keep your employees healthy and hard at work. Here’s how:

Improve Humidity Control

Dry winter air makes things uncomfortable. You can feel it in rough hands and brittle hair. You can feel it in irritated eyes and persistent coughs or sore throats. There’s no doubt low humidity has an impact on wellness, but did you know it also makes you more likely to get sick? As membranes in your nose dry out, it becomes easier for viruses to penetrate your body’s defenses.

Raising the humidity to between 40 and 50 percent helps your employees feel better physically, but it also improves their immunity against common viruses and bacteria. The humidity will also give your heating equipment a boost, helping you maintain comfort at lower temperatures. Unfortunately, indoor humidity over 60 percent will introduce its own set of health problems, so it’s important to monitor carefully.

Clean up Air Quality

Humidity factors into air quality, but indoor air also contains dangerous particles. Viruses, bacteria, dander, and mold spores can all trigger illnesses. Some harmful particles make you seriously sick and put your life at risk. Others make you feel miserable every time you come to work.

An Indoor Air Quality Check will identify sources of contamination, so you can solve problems before they wipe out your workforce. One of our expert HVAC technicians at Climate Control can walk you through the air cleaning and ventilation options suited to your business.

Talk to our team at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning today about the commercial services you can use to keep your staff healthy and safe.

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