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3 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Could Increase Your Energy Efficiency
10 May
By: Climate Control
Climate Control

Want the magic formula for improved energy efficiency? The answer is in your vents.

Energy efficiency is somewhat of a mystery to those not trained in heating and cooling. We know using less energy results in a lower energy bill, but how can you do that and stay comfortable through the year? Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning can show you how something as simple and affordable as cleaning your ductwork can increase your comfort while lowering your bills.

Here are three ways duct cleaning helps

1. Improved Airflow

Dust or debris filling your ducts is similar to having a clogged air filter. Air has to move through the ductwork to circulate through your home. The resistance forces your AC and furnace to work harder than normal. This burns extra fuel and places extra wear on your system. Cleaning the ducts removes these barriers and allows your HVAC equipment to run better for longer while using less energy in the process.

2. Ease of Equipment

Bits of dirt and dust from the ductwork often make their way to other system components. Grit and grime can clog your HVAC system's moving parts. This leads to greater wear and resistance and can damage your unit over time.

3. Improved Air Filtration

As your filter fills up with dust and grime, it lowers the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. Less gunk in your air ducts means less junk filling up your air filter. This helps maintain a healthy airflow and healthy air quality within your home or office.

Contact our team at Climate Control to learn other ways to improve your energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

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