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Is Geothermal Heating Right for Your Home? Read On to Find Out
04 Sep
By: Climate Control

Homeowners - listen up! Geothermal heating offers a multi-year return on investment.

Geothermal HeatingGeothermal heating offers long-term savings that may be right up your alley. Think of geothermal technology in the same way as gardening. An initial investment in a more efficient tool will save you money consistently and steadily over time, as you are able to trust it to perform exactly as you need it to.

A geothermal system’s strength and durability come from three critical elements: a heat pump, the earth, and electricity.

Geothermal Heating Element #1: A Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump circulates water between the earth and the HVAC system inside your home. The water absorbs heat from the earth and pushes it into the interior system. The indoor system then distributes this warm air throughout your home through the use of a fan and compressor. Finally, the water then continues to circulate as it completes either its horizontal or vertical loop.

Geothermal Heating Element #2: The Earth

The earth acts as the heat source when it comes to geothermal heating. The temperature 20 feet below the surface of the earth is constant year round. This means that no matter the temperature outside, you can count on finding a warmer temperature underground. A geothermal system enables homeowners to benefit as heat transfers from the earth to water flowing through the circulation loop.

Geothermal Heating Element #3: Electricity

You’ll continue to pay for electricity in geothermal heating. However, the cost on your bills will be much less, as the electricity acts to augment the free heat drawn from the earth. In fact, the earth’s heat plus electricity help geothermal systems use 25–50% less energy than conventional HVAC systems.

These three geothermal heating elements are the key to saving money on heating – in the short-term and over the coming decades. Expect to save over the next 20 years at least, due to the long life expectancy of a geothermal heating system. For more information on using geothermal power for your heating needs, contact Climate Control today, and you’ll make this winter the first year you can save with geothermal heating.

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