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Is There a Green Way to Heat My Home?
12 Nov
By: Climate Control

Green energy is a great option to consider for heating your home.

Homeowner and HVAC technician looking at programmable thermostat on wall of home

When it comes to utilizing green energy to heat your home, there are some excellent options thanks to modern technology and the green energy movement. These days, going green isn’t exactly what it used to be—it’s far better and easier. Even small changes can make a difference in your home and in our world.

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits heating their homes through green energy offers. Here are just a few of the methods they are using:

  • Programmable Thermostats: These “smart” thermostats are able to adjust your home’s temperatures according to your schedule and desires. This in turn helps you to reap the energy-efficiency benefits like lower energy bills and a more temperature-controlled comfortable home. In this case, green energy doesn’t have to mean a different energy source; it just means being smarter about energy usage.
  • Solar Energy: Solar energy gives your home heat straight from the ultimate heat source—the sun. This is a renewable, never-ending energy source, and using it can drastically reduce your energy bills.
  • Geothermal Energy: Geothermal systems are a smart and savvy way to utilize energy straight from the earth. Geothermal heating works by moving heat from the earth’s core straight to your home then back again by utilizing a heat pump. Again, imagine how your energy bills will decrease when you can use a green, renewable energy source.

Wondering how you can figure out which green energy method is right for your home and budget? It’s time to consult with the experts! Whether it is a Q&A consultation or a home energy audit, we can help you. Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning is always looking for a way to help homeowners with their HVAC systems. If you are ready to take advantage of green energy, contact us today!

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