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Is Two-Stage Heating More Energy Efficient?
13 Oct
By: Climate Control
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Everybody wants to save money, and as a result energy efficiency is a hot topic these days. After all, if you can cut back on how much energy you use, you are naturally going to spend less money. One way to save money on HVAC systems is by choosing two-stage heating. Keep reading to learn what this type of system is and how it can benefit your home energy usage.

How Two-Stage Heating Saves Money

In order to cut back on the amount of energy it takes to heat your house, a two-stage system operates in (you guessed it!) two stages. Rather than having a heater blowing out full force whenever the temps dip, a two-stage system gives you options.

A two-stage system starts by going full steam until your house reaches the right temperature. Then it keeps running at about 90 percent capacity throughout the day.

This prevents your house from dropping into the cold zone and forcing the HVAC system to bring it all the way back up. Instead, you have a steady flow of heat that keeps your house temperatures stable. But how does this save on energy?

By holding the temperature steady throughout the day, a two-stage system doesn’t have to work as hard as a standard furnace. Less work equates to less energy consumed.

Reducing Energy Use with HVAC Systems

If you want to reduce your energy consumption even more, make sure to set your thermostat. By raising and lowering the thermostat to accommodate when you want the house warmer or colder, you save even more money. A well-functioning thermostat increases your HVAC system's ability to reduce energy costs.

If you would like to learn more about ways to save money and reduce your energy usage, our team at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about your best options for HVAC energy efficiency.

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