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Is Your HVAC System the Right Fit?
16 Aug
By: Climate Control
HVAC unit

Commercial services can help determine if a given HVAC system is right for your place of work.

Taking advantage of commercial services can help you to make the best HVAC decision for your business. Not all HVAC systems are the same, and there are special considerations to take into account when choosing a system for your office. Let's look at why selecting the right HVAC system is so important.

An HVAC Unit That Is Too Big

"Bigger is better," or so the saying goes. But this is not true when it comes to a heater or air conditioner for your office.

A more powerful HVAC system will cool or warm the interior faster. But it won't necessarily do it better. When an HVAC system has too much power, it won't run efficiently because it's on for such a short period of time. This sounds like a good thing, and it is, up to a point. Whenever an HVAC unit turns on, there is a sharp peak in energy usage for a split second. You might notice this in older buildings when the lights briefly dim when the air conditioner or heater turns on. But when an HVAC system runs for such short periods, it usually means it’s turning on and off very often. This can actually reduce energy efficiency. Additionally, this puts extra strain on the HVAC system and can lower its overall life expectancy.

An HVAC Unit That Is Too Small

As you might imagine, having an HVAC system that is too weak is also bad. There are two main reasons for this. First, when it’s too small, it will take a long time to reach the desired indoor temperature, which is annoying. It doesn’t take an HVAC professional to understand how taking extra time to stay cool or warm is not a good thing.

Second, a small system will have to run longer. This leads to higher energy usage and as a result, larger energy bills. This can also result in a lower lifespan for the HVAC system since it’s running far more often than its design engineers intended.

To figure out how to choose the right-sized HVAC system, reach out to our HVAC professionals at Climate Control. It’s time to take advantage of the convenient commercial services we provide.

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