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Is Zoning a Good Option for Any Business?
20 Aug
By: Climate Control

Big or small, zoning with commercial services is a good option for any business.

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When it comes to utilizing zoning with commercial services, knowledge is power. Zoning permits you to take more control over all the areas of your building by dividing it into separate “zones.” For example, you can keep the temperature in your office higher than the temperature of your lobby. It saves energy by controlling the temperature of the zones more accurately. This can produce a savings on your utility bills by up to 30%. A few other benefits of commercial services zoning include:

  1. Cutting Edge Comforts: With individually set thermostats for each zone, you can virtually snuff out hot or cold spots and ensure overall comfort in your zoned areas without draining energy and money. Smart thermostats make it all possible while saving you on your energy bill.
  2. Up-to-Date Adjusting: Zoning offers the convenience of setting your areas up with total climate control without having to walk all over the place to continually make manual adjustments. With modern technology, you can either install a wall-mounted thermostat system or simply use a remote for your temperature control.
  3. Uncomplicated Installation: While installation should always be left to the pros, it is actually a pretty straightforward process. A professional technician only has to mount the zoning units, connect the refrigerant lines, and make some electrical connections. Depending on the number of zones selected, total installation may take anywhere from one to three days.

It is easy to see why zoning can benefit any business, big or small. If you think zoning is a good fit for your company, click this link to contact the commercial services zoning experts today at Climate Control Heating and Cooling.

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