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Four Key Benefits of an HVAC Dehumidifier this Summer
04 Apr
By: Climate Control

For your heating and air conditioning system to provide the greatest amount of benefit this summer, you need to make sure it can remove the moisture from the air it is cooling and moving through your home or business. The best way to do this is to have an HVAC dehumidifier, which provides the following key benefits:

Benefit #1: Increased Comfort

Summers in the South are especially humid, and that's one reason why the heat is so hard to bear sometimes. For a given temperature, drier air will usually feel cooler than more humid air. With an HVAC dehumidifier, the cooled air will contain less moisture, which will enhance the cooling effect of your air conditioning system.

Benefit #2: Reduced Growth of Mold

Mold loves moisture, so the drier the air, the harder it will be for mold to grow. This is crucial to those suffering from certain types of allergies and those with asthma. There's also the added benefit of the air smelling cleaner and less musty.

Benefit #3: Less Condensation

Moisture can come from a lot of sources in your home: the kitchen, bathroom and even the people living inside. When condensation collects on indoor surfaces, it can foster mold and mildew, as well as cause wallpaper to peel and wood flooring to buckle.

Benefit #4: Convenience

An HVAC dehumidifier is convenient for several reasons. First, it's easier to control the humidity level for the entire building. Second, there's no need to periodically drain the water collection container in a room dehumidifier.

To learn more about the benefits a dehumidifier can have on your heating and air conditioning system, feel free to contact Climate Control and set up a time to speak with our HVAC professionals. 

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