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Looking for Tax Credits and Rebates for Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning? Here's Where to Find Help
30 Oct
By: Climate Control

Offset heating and air conditioning costs by claiming the rebates and tax credits you deserve.

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Heating and air conditioning systems aren’t cheap. From install and repairs to maintenance and utility bills, the costs really add up. Your heating and cooling systems are likely to be the biggest energy users in your home, but that’s not all. Although they consume a lot of energy, HVAC systems can still be affordable.

In fact, selecting energy efficient heating and air conditioning units will save you money on utility bills each month. Besides long-term cost, there may be tax credits and rebates available to you to offset the cost of a new install.

Here are some sources of incentives for efficient heating and air conditioning:

Federal Government Tax Credits

The government is offering a tax credit for the equipment price and installation cost of solar air conditioners and heat pumps through 2016. The Energy Star, Internal Revenue Service, and United States Department of Energy websites have details on all the credits available within your tax-filing year. Be sure to save receipts, record model numbers, and consult your HVAC installer for any details you may be missing to fill out the IRS paperwork.

Local State Tax Credits

Consult your local tax-filing expert. Invoices, receipts, and your manufacturer certification statement will all be helpful. Energy star heating and air conditioning systems along with solar and geothermal applications are all fair game. Keep track of your expenses for these items to make claiming your local credits easier.

Installer Promotions

Your local installer is perhaps the most user-friendly way to start the tax credits and rebate process. Many certified dealers of major equipment brands offer rebates upfront. Companies with customer budgets in mind may even offer promotions or discounts for customers who sign up for preventative maintenance agreements. Be sure to check your supplier and installer websites and ask questions.

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