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Maintenance Plus: More Than Just an Agreement
23 Aug
By: Climate Control
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Maintenance agreements provide a wide array of benefits to customers.

Maintenance agreements are special contracts where customers pay a fee for an HVAC professional to conduct regular and routine maintenance on the customer’s HVAC system. What makes this agreement so unique? Let us count the ways!

HVAC Longevity

One of the biggest reasons to have a maintenance contract is to ensure regular maintenance takes place. Ideally, this will occur twice a year, before the summer and winter seasons begin. During these maintenance visits, a trained HVAC professional will look over the HVAC system to make sure it's ready to handle the upcoming hot or cold seasons. The technician will also complete routine maintenance tasks, such as oiling bearings, changing air filters and inspecting the wiring.

Special Pricing

Should the HVAC unit need repairs, members of the Maintenance Plus plan will pay a lower cost to have the repairs done than someone who isn't part of the agreement. Depending on the cost of the repairs, the maintenance plan can easily pay for itself with one fix.

Extended Warranty

Climate Control stands by its work and will provide all customers with a warranty on the work completed. However, those with a maintenance contract will get a more extended warranty. In most cases, the warranty lasts up to one year.

Peace of Mind

If you’re busy and don’t have the time to take care of the maintenance of your heating and cooling system, that’s understandable. So it's nice to have someone else who not only does the maintenance, but remembers to do it, too. Having one less thing to worry about or write down in the calendar is not just convenient; it can also bring peace of mind, knowing your heater and air conditioner receives the attention it needs to do its job.

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of maintenance agreements, get in touch with our expert team at Climate Control today.

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