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Office HVAC Troubleshootinclimate
21 Jun
By: Climate Control
man checking hvac system

Before contacting commercial services, try these troubleshooting tips to fix your office’s HVAC unit.

Using commercial services is essential for the installation of your HVAC unit. These services can also come in handy when you have a problem with your office HVAC that needs repairing. But before making that call to your HVAC professional, try a few simple and easy tips that might provide a quick fix to your heating or cooling issues.

Troubleshooting Tip #1: Check the Circuit Breakers

If your HVAC system will not turn on at all, it’s possible the circuit breaker attached to it needs resetting. Resetting the circuit breaker is pretty simple. All you need to do is find the panel and flip the breaker (it’ll look like a switch). Keep in mind that in an office setting, you may not have access to the circuit breaker panel, especially if you are in a multi-office building that you do not own.

Another consideration is that even if resetting the circuit breaker works, you’ll need to figure out what went wrong to trip the breaker in the first place. Perhaps it’s a small hiccup or glitch in the HVAC system and everything is fine. But if you need to rest the circuit breaker a second time, your HVAC system probably has a more serious problem that will require professional help.

Troubleshooting Tip #2: Examine the Air Vents

If you don't have the heating or cooling performance you expect, check to make sure the air vents allow for free flow of warm or cool air. A blocked vent due to furniture or another obstruction can result in very noticeable temperature changes.

Troubleshooting Tip #3: Inspect the Air Filter

If your HVAC system does not appear to move enough air out of the vents (and none of the vents have a blockage), it’s time to check the air filter. An air filter needs replacing or cleaning every few months. But in especially dusty or dirty conditions, you’ll need to change the air filter more often. A really dirty air filter makes it very hard to allow air to flow through the HVAC system. This is also a problem because it can lead to higher energy bills.

Before relying on commercial services to fix an apparent HVAC problem, try troubleshooting it yourself. If that doesn’t fix the problem, don’t hesitate to call or message our expert team at Climate Control as soon as you can.

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