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How to Prepare Your AC for the Hot Months Ahead
06 Mar
By: Climate Control
Prepare your AC

It is important to check the status of your heating and air conditioning unit before the summer season. Once the high temperatures and oppressive humidity get here, having an air conditioning out of service for even a few hours can be miserable. Take the following measures to ensure it doesn't happen to you:

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Here's an easy one that should already be a part of your regular HVAC maintenance. Clean air filters keep indoor air fresh and the air handler running as efficiently as possible.

Inspect the Outdoor Condenser Unit for Damage

A lot can happen during the winter and spring months. Ice storms, falling branches and backyard play can sometimes cause damage to an outdoor unit. Look for any broken or missing panels and ensure proper containment and coverage of the system's vital components.

Check the Pipe Insulation

The coolant lines should have plenty of insulation to keep the refrigerant from losing energy. Make sure the insulation is intact and in good shape.

Check the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain is inside the indoor air handler. It allows the moisture removed from the air to collect and drain to another suitable location. Make sure this drain is free and not clogged. Otherwise, you could have some water damage on your hands.

Test the Air Conditioner

Once you've taken the above steps, turn the air conditioner on. Don't wait until a sweltering day to check the air conditioner! With bad luck, that’s when you’ll learn something’s wrong with it that requires the services of a trained repair technician.

Need any help with checking the status of your heating and air conditioning system before the summer heat hits? Feel free to visit us online to get the help you need today.

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