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How Do I Prevent Corrosion in My Heating System?
28 Apr
By: Climate Control
Inspecting a residential heating system

Did you know HVAC maintenance agreements are one of the greatest insurance policies you can buy to protect your system? It’s true. Regular service, tune-ups, and maintenance keep your system running smoothly by catching and preventing major problems.

What kinds of problems, you ask? Too many to name. But a good example to consider is corrosion.

HVAC Corrosion: How It Happens

Over time, metals begin to react to the environment around them, and gradually self-destruct as time grinds on. This process is most commonly known as corrosion, and it has a few causes:

  • Water acidity levels (pH)
  • Water velocity
  • Galvanic corrosion
  • System deposits
  • Dissolved solids
  • Microbiological material
  • And more

Corrosion can begin as soon as the first year after installation, and dramatically reduces both the system’s efficiency and overall lifespan. If you’re seeing the telltale signs of metal discoloration, or experiencing higher than normal electric bills, call a service technician for help immediately.

How You Stop and Prevent Further System Corrosion

Through a combination of inhibition and control, you can effectively stop corrosion. Services such as these are often included in the maintenance covered by certain HVAC agreements. Common coverages include system cleaning and reduced cost of any chemical treatments, if necessary.

Your HVAC technician will be able to tell you if you’ve got corrosion issues, and the best path to remediation.

Maintenance Agreements Offered by Climate Control

Wondering what else is covered, and how we add value? Contact our team of experts today to discover all of the great services our maintenance agreements have to offer!

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