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How Do You Properly Set a Thermostat?
07 Apr
By: Climate Control
Homeowner and technician looking at thermostat

A single, central thermostat likely controls your home’s heating and air conditioning system. Whether basic or smart enough to pass your kid’s college entrance exams, thermostats fall into one of two categories: manual adjustment and programmable.

Tips for Setting a Basic Thermostat

There are a few things to remember when cranking your heating and air conditioning’s thermostat dial. Here’s a quick list to get you started:

  • To save money, turn it up when you’re home, and down when you’re away. No sense in paying a premium to heat and cool your space if you aren’t there to enjoy it.
  • Pay attention to whether it’s set to “heat” or “cool,” and also whether or not your fan is on. Keeping your fan on continuously forces the air in your house to pass through the furnace filter, removing particulates and improving your indoor air quality.
  • Don’t set your heat too high (or your cool too low). When the weather is at its most extreme, cranking up the difference between the temperature inside and outside can put a significant strain on your system. Opt for a twenty to twenty-five-degree differential for cooling, and a setting somewhere between 65 and 72 degrees during the winter chill.

Taking Things Up a Notch: Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats come in a variety of flavors. Some are fairly intuitive, with simple programming for “home” and “away.” Some let you program by day and time of the week, and some even have smart capabilities, sensing when you are within a certain distance from your house, and turning everything on so you arrive home to blissful comfort.

The tips for setting your basic thermostat apply here, but you’ll have the added benefits of being able to set it and forget it.

Interested in Learning More about Thermostats?

Check out this short video that discusses the importance of properly setting your thermostat.

We’ve got a variety of great models in stock, and our helpful crew at Climate Control can both install the interface, and teach you the basics of using it. Contact one of our heating and air conditioning gurus today.

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