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Quick Guide: Lower Your Energy Expenses
13 Sep
By: Climate Control

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Want to lower energy costs? It’s all about increasing energy efficiency.

If your utility bills are a bit too much each month, consider increasing the energy efficiency in your home or office. You’ll be amazed by the money you can save on energy costs over time when you take a few steps to make the most of your heating and cooling system’s energy efficiency. Here’s how:

Obtain an Energy Audit

An energy audit provides a summary of how your home or office uses its energy. The assessment can identify which appliances use more energy than they should, as well as where the home or office is wasting energy. For example, an audit can determine there are air leaks in your windows and doors. The energy audit is helpful because it finds the easy-to-fix areas of your home or office that could provide the biggest improvements to energy efficiency.

Purchase a More Efficient HVAC System

A more efficient HVAC system can potentially provide the most significant improvement when it comes to lowering energy costs. Today’s higher efficiency heating and cooling models can provide double-digit improvements in efficiency. In the long-run, you can make back the cost of the new system in the form of energy bill savings.

Adjust the Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees can result in noticeably lower energy bills. You can also get a similar effect by adjusting the thermostat more than six degrees, but for only part of the day, such as when no one is home or in the office. This is really easy to do with a programmable thermostat. The programmability allows users to customize the temperature, so it is most comfortable when people are home to enjoy it. Want to discover additional methods you can use to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office? It’s time to reach out to our expert team at Climate Control Heating & Air Services today. Connect with us online now to get the help you need to save on energy bills.

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