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Reasons to Have an Early Fall Maintenance Visit
25 Oct
By: Climate Control

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How do HVAC maintenance agreements impact your home’s value and comfort?

HVAC maintenance agreements safeguard your comfort while lowering your monthly bills. They also offer you the convenience of putting HVAC care on autopilot. No need to worry about finding time for a bi-yearly inspection when you have a professional maintenance agreement in place and a team of experts watching out for your climate control. The pros will tell you that having an early fall maintenance visit is one of the best things you can do to get ready for the cooler season.

Explore the benefits of having the right team taking care of your HVAC for you this month:

Get Your Furnace Fall Ready

No one enjoys pulling the furnace apart to give it a proper cleaning, especially if you don’t have a clue what you are doing. HVAC maintenance can be dirty work. Is it really a good use of your time off when professional preventive visits are so affordable and come with fringe benefits?

When expert HVAC technicians prep your unit for the cooler season, they check everything from belts and filters to air ducts and electrical components. When you get a head-start with an early fall maintenance visit, your technician will be able to manage furnace issues before you actually need to run the furnace. This means you can keep your home comfortable.

Get a Heads Up On Potential Savings

HVAC technology is changing all the time. New components minimize energy use and improve comfort levels by design. Having a professional tune-up your system in time for cold weather gives you a chance to hear about the latest equipment available to maximize your climate control. You might discover a filter upgrade or system add-on capable of lowering your costs every month, which could be a big help as you move into the

Now is the time to contact our team at Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning to get your system ready. Connect with us online now or call 864-269-5576. We are happy to schedule your early fall maintenance agreement visit as soon as you need it.

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