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Five Tips for Saving Your Business Money on AC Costs
24 May
By: Climate Control
Technician changing an air filter

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Businesses rely on commercial services to keep their offices cool and comfortable for their customers and employees. The cost to run the air conditioner to maintain this level of comfort can be significant. Luckily, there are several tips that business owners can consider to save money on cooling costs this summer.

Tip #1: Check for Leaks

A poorly insulated building will have trouble keeping in cool air in the summer. Business owners can check window seals, doors and other openings to make sure cool air produced by the air conditioner isn't going to waste.

Tip #2: Apply Window Shades

Whether it's window tinting, screens, films, curtains or blinds, having a way to keep some of the harsh sun from entering the office can do wonders for keeping the inside temperature cool, and therefore running the air conditioner a lot less.

Tip #3: Remove Incandescent Lighting

Most offices won't have widespread use of incandescent lighting for general areas. But in smaller areas, such as personal offices, using LED or CCFL bulbs can save on energy costs. This is not only because they produce less heat, which requires an air conditioner to run more often to counteract the bulbs, but because LED and CCFL bulbs are far more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Tip #4: Set the Thermostat to a Higher Temperature

Raise the temperature on the thermostat as high as possible while still maintaining adequate comfort. Every degree higher on the thermostat means more time will pass before the air conditioner kicks on. And the less the air conditioner runs, the more money you'll save.

Tip #5: Get Regular Maintenance of the HVAC Unit

Having an annual or semi-annual check-up of your heating and cooling system will ensure it runs reliably at peak performance. Some of the tasks that will take place during this service include checking the ductwork for leaks and blockages, as well as cleaning the air filter.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial services and how they can help your business save money on cooling costs, feel free to contact us at Climate Control.

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