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Should I Cover My Outdoor Unit in the Fall and Winter?
22 Dec
By: Climate Control
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If you’re unsure about maintenance agreements, or about whether you should cover your outdoor unit, don't worry. There are answers out there, and they begin with the confusion surrounding the usefulness of covering your air conditioning unit during the fall and winter months. While it might seem important to keep your expensive equipment safe from Mother Nature, a cover can hurt more than it helps.

Using a Cover Instead of a Maintenance Plan Could Be an Invitation for Pests

Putting a cover on an outdoor unit can transform it into a great hideaway for mice and other nuisances as they seek out warmth in the colder months. Snow or falling branches can cause damage to the top of an open unit, but that is preferable to the chaos mice can inflict on your unit's interior.

Still Worried about Leaving the Outdoor Unit Uncovered? A Maintenance Plan Might Be the Answer

Your outdoor unit is meant to be outside, and it is capable of withstanding the harsher weather it might encounter during the winter and fall. Even if the elements do end up causing some damage to the unit, you can rest assured that it will be in perfect working condition when you need it again. That is if you invest in a maintenance plan with an experienced provider. Your unit isn’t cheap, and that makes it more than worth some extra protection. Regular maintenance can provide checkups to ensure everything is working the way it should while identifying problems before they can worsen. Your unit will last much longer with an HVAC plan, but to learn more you only need to contact our team of experts at Climate Control. For more information about maintenance agreements and why you’d be better off with one than with a cover, get in touch with our team today.

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